Many of our patients use prescription medications or diets.  These medications can be obtained from the following three sources:

Purchase medication at Lakewood Animal Hospital - We have the majority of prescription medications on site.  We work to make sure that the products we sell have similar, if not lower costs than outside outlets.

Special Order - We do not carry all veterinary products, but we are happy to special order any product for you that is not in our usual inventory.  Special order products are generally available within 2-3 business days and would need to be prepaid and are non-returnable.

Purchase medication and prescription diets elsewhere - We are very happy to provide you a written prescription for food or medication that we have recommended.  This prescription may be filled at another local animal hospital, a human pharmacy or an on-line pharmacy.  Let us know if you would like to receive a written prescription and we will provide it to you at the time of your appointment or we will have a printed copy ready for you to pick up at your convenience. 

To provide the best service to all of our patients, we no longer fax, e-mail or provide verbal authorizations for prescriptions filled by outside pharmacies.

We have experienced the increasing problem of outside pharmacies failing to process prescription requests that have been sent well in advance of the pick-up date.  This causes inconvenience to our clients and is a serious distraction to our hospital staff who have to scramble to resubmit these redundant requests at the last moment.  The pharmacies often tell clients that they never received an approval when it is not true in most cases.  This problem seems to be most present with faxed and e-mail prescription authorizations but even verbal and voice mail authorizations frequently seem to be “lost” by pharmacies.  When clients themselves submit the written prescription, pharmacies seem to show much more accountability and promptness in filling the prescription in a timely manner.