Lakewood Picks for Pet Insurance

As a pet owners and animal lovers, we recognize the need for pet insurance.  We have researched the major insurance providers to find the best quality, benefits and price.  We would like to share our findings with you so that you can decide what is right for your pet.
Pet Insurance Tip
Having pet insurance in place is important at any age and is most affordable when first purchased when your pet is young.





Nationwide is my first choice in pet insurance. They have three basic 90% coverage plans: Accident/Illness and wellness coverage, wellness coverage or only accident/illness coverage.  This allows you to choose a plan that best fits you. They cover most anything recommended by your vet, including maintenance dental care, prescription food. They also have lower premiums then other competitors and have no pay out limits.




Trupanion is my next pick for insurance. They offer one simple medical plan that covers 90% of all accidents, new problems and illnesses. They also allow you to pick your own deductible. Trupanion has wonderful 24/7 customer service and they offer Trupanion Express, which will cover 90% of your vet bill before you even need to pay. They also have no pay out limits and won’t change your premium based on the aging of your pet.




Healthypaws is my third choice in pet insurance. Like Trupanion, Healthypaws has one simple medical coverage plan that, depending on the age of your pet, will pay 70%-90% of your vet bills on accident/illnesses.  They use a modernized way of processing claims that allows you to file through an app. They have no pay out limits and will allow you to adjust your deductible.